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Why Can’t I get Pregnant? or would you prefer – “I Can’t Believe It…. I’m Pregnant !!”

cannot fall pregnantFor people in love who are trying to conceive a child, this can be a very stressful and confusing time, there is so much information to trawl through, and self doubt and depression do not help. If you are a couple and you are baffled by why you cannot conceive, or ask ‘Why Can’t I get Pregnant?’ it’s because there are many variables that have an impact upon this. Your GP will tell you that there are 4 main causes of infertility and they are:

  • 30% of infertility is caused by a male factor.
  • 30% is caused by a female factor.
  • 25% – 30% is unexplained
  • 10% by a combination of any of the above.
If you would like to be in a position to SHOUT “I Can’t Believe It…. I’m Pregnant !!” read on!

Let us ignore the fact it may be a female or male factor for a moment and focus our thoughts on the ‘unexplained’ 25% – 30%. When you visit the GP or fertility specialist they generally ask questions about stress, work, relaxation time, smoking, weight, age, and medication, which is all fine and relevant. They will then discuss the ways in which you can increase your chances of conceiving, diagnostics & treatments available to you, external bodies that can help with advice and support, clinics that may help but there is always a cost implication here as it would be a private consultation.

One thing that very rarely gets asked, and I have my thoughts on why that might be, is about diet and proper nutrition, even on the UK NHS website diet is not a question that a doctor will likely ask!  This article claims that proper nutrition is critical as nutrients are the very building blocks of the human anatomy, to overlook this is incredibly naive as our diet is an essential element when trying to piece together the fertility jigsaw. GPs know little about nutrition so rarely ask about diet & lifestyle and clinics are only going to really talk about IVF and other fertility treatments.

cannot conceive, can't fall pregnant

So the 25% – 30% ‘unexplained’ could then contain the nutrition element and for couples to overlook this or not to be advised upon this is a travesty and many couples could conceive earlier armed with some basic information.

With the ever increasing knowledge that we do not get the full amount of proper nutrients from the food we eat, where can we get the right supplement to complement our poor diet? Well, a UK based nutrition company, Simply Naturals have formulated a 100% natural, plant derived minerals product called Sizzling Minerals which has had some quite remarkable results, but in particular we had a very heart warming testimonial from a lady recently “I Can’t Believe It…. I’m Pregnant !!” which explains her story and why she recommends Sizzling Minerals to all her friends trying to conceive.

If you, or maybe a couple that you know, are finding creating new life a particular challenge right now, this could very well be the answer that you, or they could be looking for…….! Give it a go for 6 months, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain, and when you do actually conceive you will be nourishing the baby properly from day 1. #sizzerals #pregnant

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