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What is Your ‘Plan B’ in this New Economy?

Just a few of the UK based companies that have gone BUST, ‘Restructured’ ‘Cut Back’ or are currently in Administration, not to mention those that have reverted to Online Only –

PoundWorld – Toys R Us – M&SJamie’s ItalianMaplinNew LookCarpet Right – PrezzoThe Carphone Warehouse – MothercareHomebaseHouse of Fraser and a whole host of stores that are not huge but their losses are an indication of the way in which we are headed. In this New Economy these jobs are never coming back and with advances in technology and automation, more and more losses are certainly around the corner. Do you truly believe that your current position is ‘safe’?

With more demands on employees for less money or more hours, companies are struggling to break even and cuts are inevitable. As we break ties with the European Union an increasing number of firms are looking to relocate or reduce investment in the UK, such uncertain times lay ahead.

Network Marketing / Social Marketing is the one profession that rewards folk properly for the work they do and the effort they devote to their business, a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. With a little coaching & mentoring, learning a few skills and putting them into practice can help build a business to be proud of and give you that additional cashflow. £300 – £500 residual income every month would make a difference to most people and you could do that in a year! What would that mean to you? – cover a debt or credit card, help a child through university or college, a part of your rent or mortgage or would it just be enough to make things easier, less overtime, less worry, a Network marketing business can do all this and more if you are prepared to work for it. What is Your ‘Plan B’ in this New Economy?

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