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Ulcerative Colitis – My 25 Year Journey, 5 Years in Remission & What I’ve Learnt…..

As a long term sufferer of Ulcerative Colitis ( 25 years +) I have worked hard to get my own diet sorted so as to suffer as few debilitating episodes as humanly possible. I have been in remission for over 5 years now and I’ll share with you my own personal journey, in the hope that it may help someone else.

Late diagnosis as I was young and it was then seen as “an older persons disease” laughable I know.Anyway after suffering for some 4 years or so I finally got diagnosis when I changed GPs! (There’s a tip right there…) It took about 6 months to calm that episode down and get my meds sorted (Asacol – (mesalazine), Colofac – (mebeverine hydrochloride) and some enzyme/nutrient replacements to drink).

Next 15 years I was up and down and on average I’d say 5 or 6 episodes each year, some bad, some not so bad. Hospitalised once as I was so bad but only kept in 3 days and once for 48 hours to administer IV Prednisolone, the 48 hour admission turned into 3 weeks, collapsed vein at Venflon site leading to MRSA (meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), C.diff (Clostridium difficile) due to poor food hygiene and the loss of nearly 3 stones (40lbs). I had to discharge myself as I knew I just wasn’t getting any stronger and could no longer fight all the problems in a hospital environment. Nurses visited home for three days and then I was able to get out of bed and begin the long road to recovery.

Needless to say my faith in the NHS was completely battered! I needed to find another way:- Diet was the very first thing that I looked into as this made sense to me, although not caused by diet, UC can be affected by certain foods in different people. Once I started down this road it opened up a whole new dimension in nutrition and how our bodies no longer get the proper nutrients from the foods in our supermarkets, I was astounded! It’s a huge subject and has many layers to investigate, needless to say you need to search ‘Soil Mineral Depletion’ and educate yourself about what is going on.

I then started to realise that all the medications we take just treat the symptoms of the disease and never the underlying cause, the inner workings of Big Pharma was explained to me in depth, you need to find out why there are no cures for diseases, frightening really. It was brought home sharply when a retired Doctor asked me how many cures there were for cancer when measured against the trillions of $ & £ donated over the last 100 years……ZERO, they want you to stay sick! & the drugs they do develop are out of the reach of most individuals, the very people who donated the money for the research! CRAZY!

Rant Over, sorry. So, the long and short of it is this:- We have zero red meat, zero processed meat, in fact any processed food at all, next to no dairy (we have eggs on occasion, same with cheese) all our milk and creme based products are now dairy free, very little in the way of sugary sweets, although we treat ourselves when we go out (once or twice a month). We live on vegetable curries, fish with raw or lightly steamed veg, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds (I make my own granola/muesli bars) fruit, salads, tinned and fresh fish, chicken dishes and a few glasses of wine a week.

We also supplement now too, Curcumin (Active ingredient of Turmeric) Krill Oil (taken only with food) & Sizzling Minerals which replaces the lost minerals from poor quality soil. (We have since become involved in the business as the testimonials are just amazing!)

Your own personal diet may look a great deal different to ours however, it has suited me for 5 years now and zero flare ups. I still have to make sure I’m ‘done’ before we go out for the day and I still know where all the UC friendly loos are just in case, it’s part of my DNA now after so many years.

Updated: October 8, 2018 — 6:24 pm
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