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Your Personal Plan B in New Uncertain Economy

Do you have a personal plan B in this new uncertain economy? As technology marches forward we should all now be in a position to retire earlier in a booming economy, sadly that is just not the case, retirement is now looking like an outdated concept, especially to the millennia’s! Vauxhall have just announced huge […]

Are You a Serious Entrepreneur?


We are currently looking for some energetic people to work with who want to build a large organisation and serious residual income. Possessing the ability to build and support a large group of people and show them how to do a few simple things, consistently, over and extended period of time to generate the sort […]

Network Marketing (MLM) Payment Plan Ethicacy

I’m sure, like me, you have read a great deal about some incredibly well known and popular network marketing companies being fined by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for practices that are quite frankly unethical. They have been fined and ordered to change their payment plans as there seems to be little or no […]

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