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Sizzling Minerals Vs Berocca®

Enquiry about Sizzling Minerals Vs Berocca®.

Graham & I were at an event on the Isle of Wight over the weekend and a potential customer asked me about our Sizzling Minerals product and how it compares to Berocca®. A prospective client had said that Berocca® contained everything they needed, I had heard of it so I asked the parent company Bayer, specifically and here is part of their response:

“Date: 25 May 2016
Dear Mr Luff, I refer to your recent enquiry regarding Berocca® (multivitamin). You asked about the source of zinc and magnesium in Berocca® (multivitamin) Effervescent Tablets. I hope the following information is useful.
I can confirm that the zinc and magnesium in Berocca® products is not plant-derived.”

So the minerals in Berocca® are NOT plant based as some would have to believe and this is from Bayer Consumer Care Enquiry, the parent company. Their product contains just 2 minerals, Sizzling Minerals has the full complex of trace minerals, in plant derived form that can be fully assimilated by the body, metallic minerals cannot. If you compare a metallic minerals to a plant derived mineral and you imagine the metallic mineral as a soccer ball, the plant derived mineral would be the size of a pinhead, and as plant derived minerals are 7,000 time smaller that a human blood cell, they can be easily absorbed by the body, and therefore equip the body with all the correct nutrients it needs to repair and more importantly, protect the body against disease.

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