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We have had many customers who have given us Sizzling Minerals reviews and testimonials about the positive results they have experienced through taking our unique plant derived minerals.

Unfortunately, due to legal regulations, we are not allowed to share our Sizzling Minerals reviews and testimonials, which is crazy I know, but that is how the law stands at present.

No company selling supplements are allowed to give out any reviews or testimonials about a specific product.

It is shocking when you discover that Mineral Depletion in the soils across the world has already been studied and reported yet you hear nothing of this in the news or from your doctor. You are told to simply ‘eat healthily’, but how is this possible if the nutrients are not in the soil or in the food you eat?

Where Did All the Minerals Go?

When dinosaurs ruled the earth they were living in an environment abundant with life-supporting plant minerals.
Soils were full of minerals and trace elements which were absorbed through the root systems of plants to become part of a vibrant, life-sustaining food supply.
Over time, erosion, acid rain and profit based farming methods have depleted our topsoil of their precious minerals. Modern technology has only made this problem worse. Today’s farmers are able to produce double or even triple the yields of most major fruits, vegetables and grains compared to 50 years ago. However, the quantity of food available does not make up for the lack of quality or the severely depleted nutrient content.

We have however found a third party website that does have reviews and testimonials about the many benefits of taking plant derived minerals, all be it, not specifically about our Sizzling Minerals.

Plant derived minerals are available from many sources, but our Sizzling Minerals are the world’s only plant derived minerals that are available in an effervescent form.

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