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Simply Naturals Business Opportunity – The right one for you?

I guess you have found this page because you were looking for reviews about the Simply Naturals business opportunity, and to see if this business opportunity is the perfect fit for you, in this article we hope to give you all the information you are looking for and answer questions you might have about this Simply Naturals business opportunity.

When starting out in any business, it is essential you use your due diligence and look at many of the network marketing business opportunities available in the UK today, not only to ensure you are signing up with the very best company that is going places but also has a unique product that everybody will need and is managed by people who are passionate about its success and know the best way to expand the business.

The research carried out by us will save you time, money and the hassle of knowing you have chosen a company that is the perfect fit for you.  Because the last thing you want to do is waste time and money trying to find the perfect network marketing opportunity for you.

Please read the full article below to learn all about Simply Naturals, who they are, what they have to offer, the good points, bad points, the compensation plan and whether you think they are the perfect business partner for you.

Who are Simply Naturals? 

Simply Naturals Business - LogoSimply Naturals Ltd is a 100% British owned company based in Egham, Surrey.  They are 100% debt free and sit in the health and wellness sector.

The company has recently expanded across Europe and very soon to launch into the USA.  In addition to this, they have global rights to launch anywhere in the world.

The Simply Naturals management team is made up of Peter Willoughby – CEO, Eric Cole – Executive Chairman and David Evans – Technical Operations Officer.  Between them, they have decades of experience and a strong business background.

The Company’s mission statement is this.  The Simply Naturals management team have committed to embark on a passionate mission to educate the world about the significance of plant derived minerals for optimum health, wellbeing and the prevention of disease and illness.  Their aim is to be the world leader in cutting edge nutrition by providing unique products which contain their branded ‘Nature 75’ plant derived minerals.


Simply Naturals Business - Sizzling MineralsSimply Naturals Product – Sizzling Minerals 

This is Simply Naturals core product, a mineral supplement, known as “Sizzling Minerals” is a flavoured effervescent tablet which contains 75 plant derived minerals.  But why should you take minerals?  Research has discovered that the human body needs at least 60 trace minerals in order to maintain a disease and aliment free state.

Food that is grown for public consumption today, contains on average, no more than 16 – 18 minerals.” This is mainly due to over-farming, acid rain and other such factors over the decades. You can read more about this in our various articles on this website.

Simply Naturals Compensation Plan

The company compensation plan is both solid and sustainable. You get paid a small commission of between £2.25 – £5.00 per sale of sizzling minerals, as long as the person buying signs up to and remains on auto ship. The amount paid per sale depends on your ranking within the company’s hierarchy and how many customers you have gathered.

In order to receive the higher rate of £5 per customer commission, you need to have signed up 50 or more customers.  This is basically how your monthly residual income is earned.  There are a number of bonus payments ranging from £10 – £5,000 per month depending on how high up the ladder you are in their hierarchy.

Now let’s talk about the cost.  So to sign up as a distributor there is a £75 one off cost + £19.97 per month for your monthly dose of sizzling minerals + £4.99 per month for your business tools, totalling £99.96.

This may sound like a lot of money, but the costs of starting your own “standard business” normally far exceed this.

Plus Points

Simply Naturals seems like a fairly good company to work with.  And as they sit in the health and wellness sector, which is worth 650 million pounds a year, there is the option to go global so their positioning in the marketplace isn’t bad, and they are a fairly young company (started Oct 2012) so now is an excellent time to get involved.

It is an ideal business to run from home as there is no stock to hold (the company sends everything out on auto ship) and the company takes care of the billing and payments.

Negative Points

Reasons this company may not be a good choice is because they only do nutrition, therefore this is not a product that people have to use. It’s optional. The problem with this is that you might spend five years building a business and then people suddenly stop using the products, once this happens the whole business falls apart. But as they are in the health and wellness sector of the market (the largest sector in the marketplace) we considered this to be a fairly good chance that the company would not be going anywhere but up. You, of course, must use your own due diligence and way up your own options.

What to Look for in a Network Marketing Company

So what should you be looking for in a good network marketing company?

  • Simply Naturals BusinessCompensation Plan – Is the compensation plan simple, generous enough yet sustainable?
  • Timing – Is the key, you don’t want a company that has been in the UK for too long but also you don’t want a company that is not well enough established to be proven. 1 – 7 years is ideal (Simply Naturals was started in October 2012)
  • Product – The product must be of the highest quality and proven to improve people’s lives and is the product consumable, are people going to be still buying it in say 40 years’ time?
  • Business Coaching – We all need help when we first start anything new. Are you going to receive guidance and coaching, are you going to be put through a million pound training programs?


All in all, we feel that Simply Naturals seems like a good company hence why we decided to get involved. It has global positioning, sit’s in the health and wellness sector, is 100% British, has a good compensation plan and they are 100% debt free.

Take time to explore our site, watch the videos, read all the information and articles and decide for yourself if you would like to get involved as a Simply Naturals distributor.

Our Team

We are dedicated to helping our team achieve everything they want to get out of this business and helping to succeed. Ian is a manager within this business and we are also company trainers with Simply Naturals, and were asked to host the very first Simply Getting Started training at Heathrow in March 2015.

So by joining our team, you can be sure you will be receiving the very best support by helping you become successful with your own Simply Naturals Business.

Watch the Simply Naturals Business Opportunity Video to find out more.

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