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Simply Naturals Business Opportunity Presentation Numbers Swell

Last night at our fourth Simply Naturals Business Opportunity Presentation on the Isle of Wight, the numbers have once again increased to the point where we will need a bigger room/venue. The 1st event there were about 20, the 2nd was about 30, 3rd was 46 and last night it was 54 and 8 apologies, WOW! The growth in this business is huge, the number of distributors joining increases every week and the buzz and excitement is contagious, all due to the life changing health benefits that this product gives. Our CEO Peter Willoughby spoke with passion about some recent testimonials sent through to head office and calls to him personally, it is easy to see why the business is exploding and expanding so quickly and it is also plain to see why Peter is so passionate – THIS PRODUCT IS CHANGING PEOPLES LIVES!

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