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Obesity and its Links to Nutrient Deficiency (Malnutrition)

There are many factors at play in answer to client questions about obesity, some are very obvious and some are not so. It is true that the population of the UK and the Unites States are eating more ‘Fast Food‘ which are generally poor in nutritional value. It is also true that in more impoverished communities, Fast Food is more widely consumed. One factor that is often overlooked is that people may be eating more as their body is actually craving nutrients. Obesity and its Links to Nutrient Deficiency (Malnutrition) have long been known but if the nutrients are lacking in the foods we eat, and the food we eat is mass produced and processed, it is really no wonder there is a global epidemic of obesity.

Getting the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements in your daily diet is really quite hard to do today. The soil in which we grow are crops is sorely lacking in essential minerals due to over-farming and many, many other factors affecting the soil across the globe. There is only one unique way in which to ensure your body receives the correct minerals every single day, and that is to take a pure plant derived mineral supplement. At Simply we have the worlds only effervescent pure plant mineral supplement, Sizzling Minerals, just 1 tablet with water each day will give your body all the nutrients that it requires to go to work and enable healing and prevent the onset of disease.

Take a look at some of the testimonials from people that regularly take plant derived minerals as a daily supplement, there are hundreds!

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