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Metallic vs Plant Based Minerals

According to ‘Cancer Support International’ plant based minerals are different from those that come from the ground. Although minerals – even metallic ones – do have some value in balancing bodily functions. However, you could not live on clay or rock because it is not alive or enzymatically active.

Plant derived minerals, which have not been destroyed by heat or altered by man-made chemicals are, from a medical standpoint, enzymatically active living minerals. Note: Plant derived minerals should not be confused with metallic, which come from salts, clay, ancient sea-beds and ground up rocks and soil. Have you ever tried eating rocks?

The human body is not designed to absorb, assimilate or use metallic minerals. The health food industry recognised the metallic mineral absorption problem in the mid 1970’s. Some companies still wanted to use them because they are cheap to produce, but at what cost to your health?

Their solution was ‘Chelated Minerals’ which are developed in the laboratory. This process involves wrapping amino acids or proteins around metallic minerals to help the body metabolise them. This does help the problem slightly by providing a little better absorption but nowhere near the levels obtained from plant derived minerals from mother nature.

We all know about toxic metals (toxic minerals) and most people have been led to believe the so-called toxic minerals and bad regardless of their source. This is a major misunderstanding even amongst doctors. Let’s take aluminium as an example.

Aluminium, as found in the earth is a metallic mineral. It has always bothered us to learn that so many of our supposed leaders, intellectuals, doctors and nutritionists know so little about this element. It has been criticised beyond belief. Granted, metallic aluminium, which can be dissolved or leached from aluminium pans or utensils may be extremely toxic and harmful. In fact we truly believe that it is. But what about aluminium from plants? The lack of knowledge in this area from so called professionals is quite frankly embarrassing.

In the first place, all aluminium which comes from plant source is ‘pre-assimilated’ by the plant and it is naturally tied to oxygen or silica. This makes it aluminium hydroxide or aluminium silica. Both are known to be very beneficial and both are used extensively as food additives throughout the world. On good example is bananas, they are loaded with ‘good healthy aluminium’.

Take a look at the diagram below, this show the size difference between a metallic based mineral and a plant based mineral. As you can see the plant based mineral is 7,000 times smaller than that of the metallic minerals, therefore it is far easier for our bodies to absorb the plant based mineral.

Plant based minerals are 7000 times smaller that metallic based minerals.

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