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Little & Large. New Formulation provides more Plant Derived Magnesium

Simply Naturals Sizzling Minerals, Natures 75 pure plant derived minerals complex has recently undergone a radical transformation. The New Formulation provides more Plant Derived Magnesium and with so much research and focus on the importance of magnesium in our diet, preferably from a plant source, the company have sourced a plant derived magnesium supply and reformulated their already amazing Sizzling Minerals. The amount added is in line with the EU’s standpoint on Tolerable Weekly Intake (TWI); the EU does not recognise RDA (Recommended Daily (or Dietary) Allowances) in product manufacture.

Some of the early signs of magnesium deficiency are:-

Fatigue, Insomnia, Confusion, Apathy, Poor memory, Muscle twitching, Irritability, Reduced ability to learn and Anorexia. If left undiagnosed this deficiency can lead to much graver health problems however, if you have a blood test for magnesium levels, they are basically useless –

“A serum (blood) test for magnesium is actually worse than ineffective, because a test result that is within normal limits lends a false sense of security about the status of the mineral in the body. It also explains why doctors don’t recognize magnesium deficiency; they assume serum magnesium levels are an accurate measure of all the magnesium in the body.” Dr. Carolyn Dean

Magnesium is the element that causes plants to be able to convert light into energy and Magnesium has been called ‘The Lamp of Life’ the capture of light energy from the sun is magnesium dependent. Magnesium is the element that causes plants to be able to convert light into energy, the whole basis of life and the food chain is seen in the sunlight-chlorophyll-magnesium connection. Magnesium is needed by plants to form chlorophyll, which is the substance that makes plants green. Without magnesium sitting inside the heart of chlorophyll, plants would not be able to take nutrition from the sun because the process of photosynthesis would not go on. When magnesium is deficient things begin to die. In reality one cannot take a breath, move a muscle, or think a thought without enough magnesium in our cells. Because magnesium is contained in chlorophyll it is considered an essential plant mineral salt.

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