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Eternal Radio with Felicity Corbin-Wheeler

Get Well Stay Well on Eternal Radio with Felicity Corbin-Wheeler

Felicity wrote a book called God’s Healing Word and presents a Friday 90 minute “Get Well Stay Well” satellite TV health program on Revelation TV which reaches 169 countries and Eternal Radio’s weekly show of the same name to listeners in over 60 countries. Tune in every Thursday at 7pm to listen.

Get Well Stay Well on Eternal Radio

Last Thursday 15th June 2017 on Felicity’s weekly show she interviewed Mr Peter Willoughby (CEO of Simply Naturals Ltd) and talked about the companies flagship product Sizzling Minerals of which Felicity herself is so passionate about, which she refers to as HeavensMinerals. Sizzling Minerals are the world’s first and only effervescent Plant Derived Minerals which can help give your body the correct nutrient it really needs.

Felicity herself was healed from a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer in 2003 with this inexpensive, immune system building, detoxing, body-mind-spirit-environment program. This is based on the Genesis herb, vegetable, fruit, seed and green plant diet advocated in the first book of the Bible, Genesis 1:29 and 30 and again in the first chapter of the book of Daniel. The diet is now proven scientifically to heal all degenerative disease.

The program is about strengthening our God-given Immune System, understanding the infinite intelligence of the biology of cells, eliminating toxicity and restoring deficiency with the living foods we were designed to live on.

When she was given only weeks to live, she had intravenous Laetrile (Vitamin B17) from the essence of apricot seeds as advocated a century ago by Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University, Dr. Ernst Krebs and now being used by Dr. Francisco Contreras at the Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico and other major natural clinics around the world. As this is a natural product which cannot be patented and huge profit made from it, Big Pharma who controls oncology chairs bans it is most countries.

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Disclaimer: This website and my courses are not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician.  By law patients must consult their own health care provider.

Sizzerals, Eternal Radio, Felicity’s website, books and courses are for the express purpose of sharing educational information, scientific research, and biblical truth gathered from research, studies and my own experiences, together with that of the health care professionals, scientists, nutritionists and health freedom advocates who trained me.

Readers, listeners and TV viewers are advised to consult their own qualified health care professionals regarding the treatment of their medical problems. If taking prescription medications, you should consult with your own physician and not take yourself off medicines. Should you choose to make use of the information without first consulting a physician, you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional and divine right.

However Felicity Corbin Wheeler takes no responsibility for any possible consequences you may have in following such changes in your diet and lifestyle. You must, by law, consult a qualified medical practitioner before making any health changes. Choose one who understands wellness, the immune system and nutrition and is prepared to spend time listening to you. Remember God’s ordained our diet in Genesis 1:29 and 30. This restores deficiencies of living enzymes to our cells, and re-hydrates the body. In God’s Word we learn how to turn stress into shalom. Only then can we be truly blessed in body, mind and spirit.

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