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Do You Crave Chocolate, Biscuits & Other Sugary Snacks? You Are Likely Magnesium Deficient!

Magnesium: One of the Most Essential Minerals for Balanced Health

Do you crave chocolate, biscuits and other sugary snacks? This may be a sign that you need more magnesium (Mg) and it’s your bodies way of alerting you of this important mineral deficiency.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals as it plays a part in so many biochemical functions, 300+ according to scientists and it is present in most parts of the body. Our DNA is structured around Magnesium as it is in our blood cells, our heart and entire cardiovascular system, it helps control our muscles and plays an important role in our nervous system too.

Here in the UK and the rest of the developed world it has been estimated that nearly half of the populations are deficient. Some of the reasons behind this alarming global health crisis are over farming for higher profit, processed-foods, which have devastated the mineral content of the soil in which we grow our food, poor diet, alcohol, stress, excessive calcium supplementation, acid rain and other factors all make it near impossible for us to obtain sufficient magnesium and other essential minerals and trace elements.

It is very hard to detect magnesium deficiency as it is present throughout our entire body. It is easier to look at symptom of magnesium deficiency rather that try to detect it through standard blood tests etc, some of the symptoms include:- low energy, and headaches, muscle weakness, muscle contractions, increased irritability, irregular heartbeat, loss of appetite, weakness and cramps, tingling and numbness, poor or restless sleep and craving sweet & sugary foods.. If you recognise any of these issues, you should not ignore it as the problems can then escalate and cause further health issues down the line. Exacerbated problems range constipation, and migraines to insomnia, depression & anxiety, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, fibromyalgia, heart issues, type 2 diabetes and alsoosteoporosis.

So, if you recognise or can relate to one or more of the above symptoms, our strong advice would be to increase you magnesium intake however, we also stress the importance of the source of t

he magnesium. You should be getting enough magnesium from your diet, even a healthy diet is severely lacking in magnesium, as we have eluded to previously, even an organic diet is lacking in essential minerals and trace elements.  So if we now understand that the levels of magnesium are too low to sustain good health, we must find Mg that comes from a plant source and NOT cheap metallic Mg from the health food store, these are simply impossible for the body to utilise fully. Although there are many plants that contain magnesium, obviously not in the levels we require, it has been suggested that we would need to eat 16 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to get anything like the amount we need!

Taking a plant derived magnesium supplement often has a dramatic effect on some of the more debilitating conditions over a relatively short period of time, 3 to 6 months generally. We recommend Simply Naturals Sizzling Minerals due to the fact they are 100% pure plant minerals from a prehistoric vegetate and are formulated with 200mg of plant derived minerals, over half of your RDI! There are some great testimonials from people taking plant derived minerals at and some great articles at

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