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Your 5-a-Day is now 10-a-day

A report out today, such as this news article from the BBC, suggests that eating your 5-a-day portion of fruit and veg is simply not enough and they now recommend that we all need to be eating 10-a-day.

10 a day fruit and vegWe all know that very few people even eat their 5-a-day, let alone now being told that they need to eat 10-a-day. Sadly due to many reasons including over-farming, acid rain and air pollution, the food we eat today just hasn’t got the nutrients we need.

Compared to 50 years ago our food is extremely lacking in essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Did you know that to get the same nutritional content from an apple from 50 years ago, you would now need to eat 26 apples today, shocking! For example, the magnesium content, which is one of the most essential minerals for good health, from an apple today is 82% less than it was from an apple back in 1914.

It isn’t just apples of course. All of our food is severely lacking in their nutritional content. The mineral content in all our fruit and vegetables are lacking from what they used to contain 50-100 years ago.

Even eating a balanced recommended organic diet, you would be lucky to receive more than 15 plant minerals each day and studies indicate that we should be receiving 60 plant minerals each day for optimum health.

This is why we strongly believe that Sizzling Minerals are essential for good health, due to the pre-historic plant derived minerals they contain.


Updated: February 23, 2017 — 8:38 am
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